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Ivol K. Hagar Award

The Ivol K. Hagar Award, first given in 1996, is named for a widely recognized avocational archaeologist and long-time Colorado Archaeological Society Member. This award is given to those individuals who have made outstanding long-term contributions to the Colorado Archaeological Society either at the state or chapter level. These contributions will likely include serving in officer roles (President, Treasurer, etc.) but must also include notable


Magnatometer Survey

efforts in outreach, research, publication or some other capacity above an officer role.

  • Nomination due date: August 15th each year.

  • The nomination should include: the nomination form, a nomination narrative (2-6 pages) that details the contributions and significance of the nominee’s work (in particular reference to the Colorado Archaeological Society), and a resume, curriculum vitae, or work history of the nominee.

For questions, contact Award Committee Chair, Matt Landt, at

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