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Chapter Achievement Award


The Chapter Achievement Award, first given in 1996,

is sometimes known as the “Mini-Trowel” Award.

It is given to persons who have made notable contributions

at the state or chapter level of the Colorado

Archaeological Society. It may be given for an

important contribution or for extended service to the

organization. CAS Chapter Presidents normally nominate

their chapter members for the Achievement Award on

behalf of their local chapter. Typically, no more than one

to two chapter members are recognized in any given

year. CAS members are eligible for multiple Chapter

Achievement Awards, although the awards committee

suggests a 5-year period between re-submitting

nominations for an additional Achievement award.

  • Nomination due date: September 1st each year.

  • The nomination should include: the nomination form 

       and a nomination narrative (one paragraph) that

       details the contributions of the nominee.

Peeled Tree.JPG

Peeled Tree, Archuleta County, CO

For questions, contact Award Committee Chair, Matt Landt, at

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