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CAS Memoir Series

Memoir #1    Archaeological Investigations at Chimney Rock Mesa by Frank W. Eddy (Published 1970 - 1972)    (PDF version only)  $15.00

Memoir #2    Johnson Canyon--Pueblo III in Transition by Paul R. Nickens (Published 1981) $12.00

Memoir #3    Rock Art of the Western Canyons, edited by Jane S. Day, Paul D. Friedman, and Marcia J. Tate (Published 1989) (PDF version only)  $18.00

Memoir #4    Temporal Assessment of Diagnostic Materials from the Pinon Canyon Maneuver

Site, edited by Christopher R. Lintz and Jane L. Anderson (Published 1989) $20.00

Memoir #5    The State of Colorado Archaeology, edited by Philip Duke and Gary Matlock  (Published 1992)  (PDF version only)   $18.00

Memoir #6    Archaeological Investigations at the Ken-Caryl Ranch, Colorado, by Ann M. Johnson, et al. (1997) $20.00



Place an Order for Memoirs

Available in hard copy (add $5.00 shipping and handling) or CD/flash drive (add $3.50 shipping and handling)


Please send requests with checks (sorry, no credit cards) payable to Colorado Archaeological Society to:

Karen Kinnear

613 Texas St.

Cortez, CO 81321

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