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Awards Presented at the CAS Annual Conference

Awards and Scholarships Presented in 2023

Alice Hamilton Scholarships

Kelsey Hoppes, Doctoral Candidate, CU Boulder

Erik Jurado, Doctoral Candidate, CU Boulder

Nicholas Puente, Doctoral Candidate, CU Boulder

Gabrielle Perry, Masters Candidate, CU Boulder

Andrew Rogers, Masters Candidate, University of Denver

Linnea Baldner, Undergraduate, Western Colorado University

Jessica Freeman, Undergraduate, Colorado Mesa University

Aidan Keener, Undergraduate, Colorado State University

August Mrakuzic, Undergraduate, Fort Lewis College

Ana Nemeth, Undergraduate, University of Northern Col.

Hunter Sims, Undergraduate, Colorado State University

Caitlyn Young, Undergraduate, University of Denver

See 2023 Scholarship Report

Chapter Achievement Awards       Peter Faris (Colorado Rock Art Chapter)

                                                            Stacy Greenwood (Denver Chapter)

                                                            Joel Hurmence (Colorado Rock Art Chapter)

                                                            Anne Whitfield (Colorado Rock Art Chapter)

                                                            Phillip Williams (Alice Hamilton Scholarship Comm)

Awards and Scholarships Presented in 2022

C T Hurst Award                                Curtis Martin   See Award

Ivol K Hagar Award                           Terri and Tom Hoff   See Award

Chapter Achievement Awards        Doug Baxter (Pueblo Chapter)       See Award for all four
                                                           Cheryl Damon (Indian Peaks Chapter)  

                                                           Katy Waechter (Indian Peaks Chapter)

                                                           Bob and Judy Kilgore (Pikes Peak Chapter)

Alice Hamilton Scholarships            Andrew Aceves, Doctoral Candidate, CU Boulder

                                                            Caitrin Scarlet Engle, Doctoral Candidate, CU Boulder

                                                            Spencer Little, Masters Candidate, CSU Fort Collins

                                                            Lia Plankenhorn, Masters Candidate, CU Denver

                                                            Elin White, Masters Candidate, CU Denver

                                                                             See Awards for all five students

For questions, contact Award Committee Chair, Matt Landt, at

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